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In Kirsty's years of practicing yoga she experienced first-hand the benefits of this embodied practice, not just for healing but also for becoming more at peace and at home in her body. With an ever-present desire to share these gifts with others, Kirsty opened Yoga Lane Studios, which has grown into a safe and supportive community hub. 


Kirsty's most recent study with The Trauma Centre for Embodiment at the Justice Resource Institute has made her one of very few qualified Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga practitioners in our country.

The TCTSY methodology has proven to be healing and transformative for survivors of sexual violence and trauma who have had their power taken from them or compromised, as it allows opportunity for participants to empower themselves with connection and autonomy over their own body.


TCTSY has a unique power - dynamic which allows the individual to hold the power during the practice, rather than the facilitator. Again; this is to form a sense of agency within the individual themselves.


Kirsty takes a trauma - informed approach to therapy through her use of gentle, optional movements and empowering language, and has a deep understanding of the effects of trauma on the mind, body, and relationship between the two.

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