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Check out the classes we have on offer to  find the class that best suits you.

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Yin Yoga is slow-paced style of yoga incorporating principles of traditional Chinese medicine, with asanas that are held for longer periods of time than in other styles. Advanced practitioners may stay in one asana for five minutes or more.


Hatha Yoga is a classical practice and forms the basis of many styles of yoga. The classes provide a balance of postures, flows, holds, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques. The gentle approach and pace, makes this class ideal for beginners and easily adapted to suit every ability. A perfect way to revitalise the body and cultivate inner calm.


Enjoy the feelings of rejuvenation and steadiness that arise from a Restorative practice. Designed to bring the bodies nervous system into a state of rest and engage our innate healing power as you actively nourish and harmonize the body and mind. As the whole body rests and opens with long held poses, the mind can also begin to slow down and come to a place of calm receptivity and presence.


Vinyasa Flow yoga emphasizes the sequential movement between postures, coordinated with and guided by the breath. The Vinyasa practice becomes a moving meditation that creates strength, stability and fluidity in the body and mind. Although this class is quite dynamic and at times challenging, it is suitable for all levels.

White Sand and Stone

This is a class for creating or incorporating an effective and ongoing mindfulness practice in all aspects of your life. Learn tools to help reduce or more effectively manage anxiety, depression and stress and bring more acceptance and joy to your moment to moment experience. With an emphasis on accessibility, chairs, stools and cushions are provided.


Barre class is a workout technique inspired by elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates with a focus on low-impact, high-intensity movements designed to strengthen your body in ways that few other workouts can. This fun and social class puts the emphasis more on cardio, strength and stretching, rather than perfect dance technique. 

These classes are currently on hold as we await our new teacher!

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